Building sustainable communities, together

Saltire Facilities Management is one of the UK’s largest property services providers, and partner to dozens of public sector organisations, serving more than 120,000 social housing tenants and private homeowners.

Saltire is a comprehensive home services provider, specialising in Renewables, Gas Services, and Electrical Works. We work with public sector clients all over the country, helping them to decarbonise their housing stock and meet their zero-carbon obligations.

We also work with more than 7000 private homeowners, installing top-quality Worcester Bosch and Vaillant boilers, providing boiler service plans that deliver unlimited emergency call-outs, so you can guarantee a warm, safe home for your family.

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Our highly trained experts are here for all of our customers, whether you’re a housing association, a landlord, or a homeowner.

Our 24/7 call centre is always on hand, no matter what you need from Saltire. The property services we offer include;

  • Air source heat pumps
  • Solar panels (PV)
  • Solar battery charger
  • Electric vehicle charger
  • Boiler installation, servicing and maintenance
  • Gas services
  • Void repairs
  • EICRs
  • Home rewiring
  • Smoke alarm installation and maintenance
  • Heating and plumbing
  • Joinery
  • Electrical works

24/7 call centre

Saltire delivers the full range of property services to more than 70,000 households nationwide, including social housing tenants and private homeowners.

Whether you have a boiler breakdown, an engineer appointment to arrange, or have a question about our services including renewables and smoke alarms, our Glasgow-based call centre is always open and ready to help.  Fully staffed by local and experienced call handlers, we are on hand to talk to you, every single day of the year.

Outstanding customer service is our priority

We’re famous for our approach to customer service, which is why we’re available to you day and night, 24/7. Our staff are highly trained and continuously developed, and this high level of expertise means we are equipped to handle out of hours and emergency calls on behalf of a range of social landlords.

Saltire’s history

Saltire Facilities Management was founded in 2000 as a public/private partnership with North Lanarkshire Council. Initially operating as an in-house facilities division, it was later sold to the majority shareholder, becoming a private entity.

Saltire has dramatically expanded operations over the last two decades, and although still based in North Lanarkshire, now operates across Scotland and Northern England. We currently serve more than 120,000 social housing tenants and private homeowners, and offer a wider range of services than ever before. With expert Renewables, Gas Services, and Electrical Divisions operating dozens of public sector contracts across the country, Saltire has become the foremost property services companies.

Joining United Capital

Saltire was acquired by the United Capital group in May 2020. United Capital is a building and home services acquisitions company, which is bringing together the most respected regional specialists to  form a group capable of delivering the largest and most complex public and private sector contracts.

With a strong focus on renewables, and decarbonisation of the existing built environment, United Capital group companies are supporting commercial, public sector, and private clients in meeting their own zero-carbon goals.

An important local employer

Saltire Facilities Management is one of the North Lanarkshire’s most stable (and growing!) companies, and currently employs almost 400 local people, including around 30 apprentices across a number of trades.

We are committed to doing our bit to make our part of the World a better place. From environmentally friendly policies, to continuing to support our people, we want to support our communities, and play an active role in improving the lives of the people who live in them.

Our Planet

Our planet-first approach to business has our group focused on operating sustainably, whilst supporting our clients to become more sustainable. We have committed to net-zero by 2030, implementing rapid change policies across the group including paperless operations, switch to electric vehicles, and adoption of renewable power supplies at all offices.

Our People

We believe in communities, and we want to participate positively, and actively in all communities in which we operate. By investing in the wellbeing and careers of our employees, and continuously finding new local initiatives to support in our neighbourhoods, we will ensure more fulfilling employment, and better lives for all of our people.

Our Policies

We are committed to being better tomorrow than we were today, and our policies for continuous review and improvement will ensure we never stagnate. We continue to adopt new initiatives as they are created, and will ensure we lead from the front in terms of our adoption of legislation, guidance, and accreditations. Saltire will always be a modern, progressive, and dynamic workplace.

Our Initiatives

In order to address and monitor our key ESG issues we have implemented, in conjunction with this ESG policy, a number of ESG initiatives and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) which will be reported to the Board on a regular basis. Active participation and engagement at all levels of the business is of great importance to ensure ownership of ESG by all staff. As a minimum, we endeavour to maintain compliance with legislative requirements. Saltire will ensure that this policy is reviewed and updated annually, or as required.

External Audit

Full audit and report produced annually by appointed external ESG advisors.

ESG Forum

Internal employee forum to curate progress and report directly to board.

Our ESG Goals

12% annual reduction in carbon footprint

2030 net-zero target

5% of annual profits invested into “people policies” including community causes

We genuinely care about our communities and love getting involved in various activities and charitable events to support the people around us. We believe in the power of community and in giving back to those in need. Over the past 20 years we’ve supported lots of causes and will continue doing so moving forward, it’s part of who we are.

Whilst we’re only too keen to help out, we ask our team for input on making the difficult decision of which organisations to help. Currently we support a number of charities, some as part of our parent company group, United Capital, and others that mean a lot to our local teams.

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Managing Director

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Service Delivery Director

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Finance Director

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Operations Manager

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Operations Manager

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Installation Manager

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Electrical Engineering Manager

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Private Works Manager

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Service Delivery Manager

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Operations Manager